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Since its inception in product sales, marketing, product range expansion has made remarkable achievements, the total export volume of trade among the best in the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region. Ministry of sales networks all over the world, the first successful break into the European market and the Inter-American market, the company products - ferro-alloys in the United States, Britain, Denmark, Norway and other countries of the market occupied a certain market share, products are used in various industries.

European and American markets in a gradual move toward stability and saturation, the company earlier this year to actively develop the Asian market, through the efforts of non-paragraph credibility and good guarantee, with India, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and other countries has established trade relations and cooperation, trade volume doubled and redoubled, with the expansion of trade cooperation, the Company's products in its market gradually firmer footing, and through long-term communication with customers, according to customer requirements has developed nearly 10 kinds of new products. Product Quality by the clients.

The company has always been committed to developing new products, the company embarked on the road to industrial diversification, the initial formulation of the next year's product development program, to shift the emphasis to mechanical products, electronic accessories and other high-tech product development and studies.

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