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Ningxia province is a privileged place for raw materials and is especially well known for high quality Ferro-alloys and Coal products.
Ningxia Megastar is not only a trading company. We own plants here in Ningxia for Magnesium, Inoculants, Nodulizers and Aluminium master alloys. We are proud of enjoying special knowledge for those products.
We are also happy with the stable and trustful relationships we have with our suppliers since the beginning of our activity. They are carefully paying attention to our requirements. This considerably makes easier for us to respond quickly to our customers’ inquiries. It is the best way for us to meet our customers’ demand in a very short time. The geographic proximity also helps us to check out the quality for our clients and to get a good follow up in term of needs.

Concerning the domestic market, we are really proud of enjoying really good relationships with numerous important companies.
Concerning the overseas markets, we are trading with more than 20 countries all around the world.
We enjoy a strong experience with Canada, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates and USA.



Our important range remains all kinds of non-ferrous metals, Ferro-alloys and Carbon products.
Our key products are Ferro-Silicon, Calcium Silicon alloy, Magnesium alloy, Rare earth Ferro Silicon Magnesium, and Carbon additive.
We are especially proud of being one of the top ten chinese Magnesium provider.

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